Presentation Guidelines for AVIC 2019

1. Language

The official language for oral presentation in AVIC 2019 is English.

2. Presentation time

Presentation time is 15 min. plus 5 min. of Q&A and PC setting.

For presenters in Converters and Radio Frequency sessions:
Please be reminded that the time allocation is 17 min./paper. Presentation time is basically 15 min., but you can make it shorter, i.e. 13 – 14 min. if you want more time for Q&A.

3. Presentation Equipment

The following equipment will be available in the presentation room.

(1) Projector and laptop computer
(2) Laser pointer
(3) Microphone

You are free to use your own laptop computer for presentation. However, it is highly suggested to check the hardware connections before the session begins. Conference staffs will be in the presentation room to help you.

4. Briefing before technical session

Please arrive at your session room 10 minutes before the session starts. The chairperson of your session will confirm the attendance and have a briefing before the session.

5. Curriculum Vitae

Please provide your curriculum vitae to your session chair. The session chair will use it to introduce you before your presentation. Please summarize your CV in 100 words.

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